This sponsorship is not for the faint hearted

A typical fighter’s day looks like this:

7am: 12km run

8am: 1 ½ hours of shadow boxing, clinching, pad work, bag work, cardio/core exercises, and technical instruction

4pm: 4km run

4:30pm: 1 ½ hours of shadow boxing, clinching, pad work, bag work, cardio/core exercises, and technical instruction

Fighters are responsible for maintaining the tidiness and cleanliness of the fight house and their accommodation. There is a 10pm curfew and alcohol, drugs and women are prohibited.

As you can see, to become a competitive Muay Thai fighter requires a huge amount of dedication, focus and commitment. And it’s not just the fighters that are working hard. Training a fighter is no easy task. Muay Thai is extremely technical and the difference between a winning fighter and a losing one can come down to the quality of the training as well as the fighter’s mental conditioning. SAMUI FIGHT HOUSE is proud to have as their Kru, Sean Douglas. Sean has competed in Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in Korea, Japan and throughout south-east Asia. He has appeared at Bangkok’s legendary Lumpinee Stadium in bouts screened nationwide on Thai TV and he won the world bantamweight MMA title in Singapore under the auspices of promoters King of the Cage. Sean has been involved in Muay Thai camps and training in Thailand for more than fifteen years and has taught elite boxers, Olympic athletes, Hollywood movie stars, stuntmen, NFL footballers, top politicians and corporate executives.

In addition to Sean, each fighter will work extensively with other highly qualified trainers to ensure that all aspects of physical and mental conditioning are met. Providing this level of care and training is not cheap – Samui Fight House personally invests over $6,000 in each fighter over their six months training. This cost does not include flights, body work which may be required to help the fighter’s body recuperate or any other necessities whilst the fighter is resident at Samui Fight House. Money is always an issue as many of the selected athletes do not come from wealthy backgrounds and sometimes are simply unable to afford the flight to take up a potential scholarship. SAMUI FIGHT HOUSE is always looking for individuals or companies that appreciate the level of work and dedication it requires to compete successfully and that are willing to help support a fighter.

If you’re interested in helping to sponsor a fighter, please click the link below. Any donation, no matter how small, can make a huge difference to the success of our fighters. An improved diet, a regular massage, a new pair of gloves – each of these can be the difference between winning or losing. Corporate sponsorship that provides equipment, clothing etc is also always appreciated. Please contact Sean for more details. SAMUI FIGHT HOUSE provides regular updates via social media of all sponsored fighters so you can see how your sponsorship money is utilised. These guys are working exceptionally hard and would greatly appreciate your support!